Hasbro Has Announced That Mr Potato Head Will NOT Be Going Gender Neutral

U turn.

In news that I don’t think that anyone could have ever predicted, toy manufacturer Hasbro has announced that their famous Mr Potato Head toy is actually not ditching their Mr and Mrs tags and going gender neutral in an abrupt U turn on what was widely publicised yesterday.

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In a rather confusing statement, Hasbro said the following:

So I guess that means that the characters of Mr and Mrs Potato Head are still going to be hanging out, but that the overarching Mr Potato Head brand name is now just going to be called Potato Head. That’s really confusing to me because I didn’t even realise that there were more characters in the setup other than Mr and Mrs Potato Head here so I’m not really sure what this is accomplishing? Are people really going to not say Mr Potato Head when referring to these toys and start saying Potato Head?

I’m normally all for progressive gender movements, but I’m sorry this one just seems really pointless to me. Maybe it will have some kind of effect on future generations though, who knows? Kinda suspect that Hasbro has cobbled together this wishy washy announcement in the wake of everyone losing their shit about it yesterday to keep the anti woke brigade on their side. Remains to be seen if it’s actually gonna work though.

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