Has Banksy Finally Been Caught On Camera?


Real or fake?

A video has emerged that allegedly shows the elusive street artist Banksy in the middle of creating his latest piece. Has he finally been caught in the act?

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Filmed by a woman who calls herself Mia, the footage was shot in Melbourne, Australia, where a major exhibition of Banksy is being held. In it, Mia approaches a man down a dark alleyway as he spray paints a wall. After noticing her, the man puts his hood up and walks away before being chased down once she discovers that he was working on a Banksy piece.

The work depicts Australian politician Pauline Hanson next to Banksy’s trademark signature. Hanson is known for her tough stance on immigration and has caused much outrage and controversy in the country.

What do you reckon? Is it really Banksy or is this video nothing more than a stunt designed to create publicity for his upcoming exhibition. I’d like to hope that it’s the former because that would be the exciting answer, but chances are it’s the latter because there have been a buttload of claims similar to this in the past that have never materialised.

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