Harry Styles Has An Imposter

harry styles one direction

Imposter pretends to be our precious Harry and makes fun of all us One Direction fans for sharing our deaths in the family with him.

harry styles one direction

We all love One Direction here at Sick Chirpse, and we know all our readers love them just as much as we do. So, when I say ‘we’ you know I mean me, you, Sick Chirpse, the whole of our readership and the whole of wider world with any sense who can see they are the best thing to happen to music since music was ever invented, right? We’ve been there since the beginning, voting and voting and getting all our friends and family to vote – if they weren’t already – when they were on X Factor. Try as we might though, it was a total fix and they came third. ‘What the fudge?’ we cried, ‘Fix!’.

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Who had the last laugh though? (Where are you now Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) There was only One Direction they could go and it was to the top, even though people thought The Only Way (Was) Essex. HAHAHAHAHA! I don’t even know who The Beatles are but Lord Ringo MacCartney from them is super old, not even hot and only has one song that is super long about Judy from some old programme called Richard & Judy. Anyway, One Direction are not the new Beatles they are not the new anyone, they are One Direction — they are EVERYTHING!

we love one direction

Even though we all agree that picking our favourite would be totally wrong because we love them all so equally, and that they are a package and we love their package! We all secretly know that our favourite Oder is Harry. He is so Styles-ish (JOKES!) and dreamy and has the best hair and the best voice ever, but shh! don’t tell the others, ;-). Well, we’ve kept you up to date with all the awesome Harry Styles news here at Sick Chirpse, like when he got those totally sexy, bad boy tattoos or when we examined One Direction’s music to find out why it was so awesome. We’ve covered the bad news too though, like when someone accidentally damaged his precious privates with a shoe onstage (I was so worried) or that he might be gay with Grimmy from Radio 1 (only bad news if you’re a girl, right boys? LOL).

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It’s with this theme of bad news though I have to break some more to you! Someone is impostering themselves and pretending to be Harry and being the supererst mean while doing it. They have set up a phoney Twitter account to be mean about dead people and about the rest of the world who love One Direction and Harry. It must be sad and really, really lonely being the only one who doesn’t so they are taking it out on everyone else — like my mam used to say about bullies that they were hurting just as much as you but did not how to deal with it.

This BIG FAT FAKE Harry is taking all the Tweets that we send to Harry and the rest of the One Direction boys when we want them to know that someone we know has died, because we know that they can help us, they can make us feel better (especially Harry, he’s like Jesus). Take a look at him abusing our internet privacy and our devotion to the boys. Don’t follow him!

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It will only encourage him my mam says.












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