Daniel Radcliffe admits he had a drinking problem – cue shocked fans.

Daniel Radcliffe recently admitted to GQ magazine that he struggled with a drinking problem back in 2009. The actor, who still seems as though he should be fifteen, forever playing the role of Harry Potter and living in a cupboard under the stairs, claims to have had a drinking problem at the age of eighteen whilst filming Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. To me it just sounds like he had a wild night out and clearly couldn’t handle it. But Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe claims that he was “…enamored with the idea of living some sort of famous person’s lifestyle…” and that he was particularly “reliant on alcohol to enjoy stuff”.

Fortunately, whilst Radcliffe was frequently drunk, no papz were ever around to take ‘that’ photo that would haunt him forever. He clearly learnt from the mistakes of Lilo, Britney and other ‘troubled stars’ and kept his ‘alcoholism’ (granted, he did stop short from calling himself an alcoholic) on the DL. Although, you’d have thought that if he really wanted to create a ‘famous person’s lifestyle’ for himself, he would’ve taken the Charlie Sheen approach and basked in his drunken glory becoming a drunken idol around the world (or not so idolistic, as the case may be). Nevertheless, Radcliffe is now ‘clean’ and hasn’t drunk alcohol since August 2010, a short time after finishing filming the final Harry Potter film. I bet it was Voldemort that drove him to alcoholism, a guy like that must be hard to handle. Radcliffe tells GQ “As much as I would love to be a person that goes to parties and has a couple of drinks and has a nice time — that doesn’t work for me,” and, apparently, Radcliffe is happy with that, and puts his post-Potter fame down to the fact that he is now clean from alcohol.

It’s crazy to think that Dan had a drinking problem, he’s Harry Potter. Harry Potter has one butter beer and then goes to fight Voldemort and stuff like that. Clearly a hidden wild thing. Watch out Charlie Sheen, Daniel Radcliffe’s the one to watch.


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