Mississippi Governor Announces ‘Harry Azcrac’ Has Graduated From High School (VIDEO)

Oh dear.

One of the greatest parts of the early episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ was when Bart would phone up Moe and get him to shout out a dumb name at the bar and it seems like this is a prank that has transcended generations as people are still playing it on their high school principals during graduation.

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Mississippi governor Tate Reeves was the man who was burned during a virtual graduation ceremony where he announced the names of everyone that had made it out of high school that year. Unfortunately for him, someone had slipped in a ‘Harry Azcrac’ to the names of those graduating and he read it out without skipping a beat, making him look like a bit of an idiot to the rest of the world.

Take a look at the footage below:

Lol. In fairness to Tate as well, he totally took it like a champ and owned it in the next tweet he posted from his account:

Gotta rate that. Nice to see politicians not taking themselves too seriously over stuff like that as well given our political leaders at the moment as well.

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