Satire of a nation which then struggled to understand the word satire.

Hey poofters, listen up.

With this eloquent opening remark, S. Peter Davis goes off on an expletive-riddled rant about the wonders of being Australian, such as “glassing cunts”, “dressing up like a koala” and, of course “beating up Lebs”.

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Obviously he was kidding or, as he put it, “abandoning the art of subtlety, I just went so far overboard that the board vanished from view below me.”

Nevertheless, a year ago today (January 26th or, as they call it in ‘Straya, Australia Day), he was contacted by an Australian newspaper which described his video as “an Australia Day video urging Aussies to beat up and glass homosexuals and foreigners.”

It was an all’s well that ends well story for Davis – he’s still creating internet comedy outside prison walls and his video went viral because of the negative press he received.

Cheers to Australia Day. Enjoy your VB and if you go out to celebrate, be sure to wear your good shirt. Pop the collar.


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