Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown Facing Tons Of Backlash After Saying The N-Word On Instagram Live


There’s an eternal debate over whether non-black people should be allowed to say the N-word when rapping along to a song that includes it in the lyrics, but I think until a consensus is reached (i.e. never) it’s probably best to just not say the word at all.

If you are going to rap the N-word though, best not to do it while on Instagram Live and especially not when you’re a (minor) celebrity – as former Bachelorette Hannah Brown found out this week:

Wow, the white girl who Tweeted that clip is really angry about this! She wasn’t the only one either, as a Twitter pile-on naturally followed until Hannah put this apology up:

Quite the U-turn there after trying to blame it on Patrick (whoever he is) in the initial video. Regardless hopefully everyone will just accept her apology and move on, because surely saying the N-word while rapping along to ‘Rockstar’ by DaBaby isn’t as offensive as blurting it out in conversation for whatever reason. Not to mention she seemed pretty drunk in that video and so probably didn’t even realise how badly she messed up until she checked her feed the next morning.

Whatever the case, I think what we’ve all learnt here is this – don’t say the N word. Pretty safe rule of thumb to avoid dumb situations like this.

To watch a white kid get absolutely destroyed after saying the N-word in a rap battle, click HERE. What was he thinking?!


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