This Halloween Mask Will Make You Do A Little Sick In Your Mouth



A designer named Melissa Coulter has created what might just be the most terrifying Halloween mask we’ve ever encountered here at Sick Chirpse – a ‘fully functioning’ vagina mask. Not that regular vaginas are terrifying, but this one looks like it’s been modelled on the devil’s wife. That ain’t normal.

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The handmade silicone creation stretches across the face and replicates a woman’s genitals, which cover the nose and mouth. Not really sure how you’re supposed to see in that thing, but who cares about sight when you’re trying to fuck people up at a Halloween party.

If you want to get your hands on one of these things you can buy one HERE. Although be warned – it will set you back nearly £350.

vagina-mask-1 vagina-mask-2 vagina-mask-3 vagina-mask

Looks like there are some happy customers to the vagina mask already. One person wrote:

Appearance was just as described. Material thickness was greater than I expected, which limits the stretch and movement somewhat for someone with a larger head.

While another stated:

Mask is even better than I thought. It does not cover just face but whole head, neck and part of torso.

Definitely scariest mask I have ever seen – eerie grin, the detailed work of spikes and horns. The material also seems very durable – thick latex, fits really good, comfortable.

Sounds like this mask is a high quality product. Hopefully the creator brings out a cock and balls one too and then couples can do a ‘disgusting genitalia’ theme. Probably best to make it a ‘no photos allowed’ party if you’re going to do that though.

To watch a guy scare the shit out of his cat (which coincidentally kind of looks like this mask) with a werewolf mask, click HERE.


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