An essential household item for everyone who grew up in the noughties playing video games.

Remember Half Life and Half Life 2 and those episode games that came out after them? Bet you haven’t thought about them in a while huh? Yeah, that’s because Half Life 2 came out almost 8 years ago!!! Apparently Half Life 3 is meant to be coming out sometime soon but it seems to be doing a Duke Nukem i.e. waiting around 13 years to be released and being ultimately boring and outdated when it does finally show up.

In the meantime though you can get this cool accessory for your bedroom that is sure to freak out any girl that comes over. Although if you’re going to get a Half Life Barnacle lamp it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to be getting many girls back to your house anyway. One of the best/scariest parts about Half Life was when you would be walking through a dark room without a gun and just your trusty crowbar, trying to avoid the barnacle’s tentacles but then you would hear that horrible squelch noise as one locked on to you and pulled you up and because you didn’t have a gun you had to wait until you were just about close enough for it to eat you to hack at it with your crowbar until it would let you down. Man, that was scary/cool. They don’t make them like that anymore.

I doubt that the barnacle lamp would have the same effect on you although you might bang your head on it because it looks like it hangs down pretty low. Still, it’s pretty cool and would probably make a good present for a geek you might know. Unfortunately I don’t think you can actually buy them yet but you can bug the guy who made it to start selling them HERE if you’re so inclined. Here’s a couple more photos of them too:


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