Hacking Group Poodlecorp Is Taking Responsibility For The ‘Pokemon Go’ Server Crash

Pokemon Go

By far the worst thing that could crash.

The world went into complete and utter meltdown over the weekend when the ‘Pokemon Go’ servers crashed and thousands of people were forced to spend their weekends doing whatever the hell they did two weeks ago rather than hunting for Pokemon. What a catastrophe.

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Nintendo are claiming that the servers crashed because of the unprecedented demand for them, but hacking group Poodlecorp have taken responsibility for the crash, claiming that they shut it down through a DDOS attack. Here’s what they tweeted:

The alleged leader of the collective, XO, also tweeted the following:

Just was a lil test, we will do something on a larger scale soon.

Neither of these claims have been verified yet, but I suppose it’s certainly possible that they may have been responsible for the attack. I mean that is what evil hacking collectives tend to get up to isn’t it? Of course Nintendo aren’t going to admit that they got hacked as it would probably send the whole world into an insane frenzy if they knew that ‘Pokemon Go’ could be taken away from them at any time.

Just in case you didn’t know too, a DDOS attack stands for a Direct Denial Of Service attack and it involves flooding a server with so many requests every second that they can’t cope, causing them to crash. In fairness, this might have happened due to the amount of people playing ‘Pokemon Go’ for all we know.

Let’s hope Nintendo either upgrade their security or upgrade their servers ASAP so that this can never happen again. Not sure how the world would cope.

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