Gynaecologists Are Warning Women Not To Put Garlic In Their Vaginas

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Sage advice.

I’m not a woman and so know nowhere near as much about vaginas as they do (probably don’t really know anything at all wheeeey!), but I’m fairly certain that I would never have thought or advised anyone that putting garlic cloves up there was a good idea.

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Apparently this is what women have been doing though, under the proviso that the clove can be used to treat vaginal yeast infections. Turns out that despite the high volume of people that seem to believe this, the truth is actually that there’s no accuracy in this at all. Dr Jennifer Gunter explained that studies of garlic in a lab in petri dish shouldn’t be applied to an environment like the vagina:

I mean it’s a bit lame that that’s essentially just a plug for her new book at the end, but I suppose it’s some damn good advice and hopefully it encourages women to be a bit safer with what they put in their vaginas and to get treatment for yeast infections from the proper authorities and experts and not some dumb stuff that they read on the internet. We can but hope – you can help by making this article go viral. Lol.

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