These Three Guys Have Been Playing Video Games For 500 Days Straight With No Breaks


And they’re getting paid for it.

Imagine if playing video games was your job? It sounds pretty sweet, but I’m not sure if I would want a job like that if it meant doing what these guys have to go through every day.

Ryan ‘Tree’ Carmichael – who probably got his inspiration from the World Of Warcraft episode of South Park, but probably isn’t quite as fat as Cartman got – had the idea 500 days ago to set up a site live streaming him and his buddies playing video games 24/7 in their house, which they’ve now dubbed StreamerHouse. 500 days later they’re still playing and are approaching 12,000 hours of non stop video games. Wow.

The other guys are the 26-year-old Robert Schill, the 29-year-old Adam Young and Brett Borden, 26. They all have 8 hour shifts and Carmichael himself acts as the house manager, IT guy and public relations director. He also plays games whenever someone isn’t feeling up to it, which isn’t too often to be fair. I wonder how these guys are going to handle the most disturbing video game of all time.

The kicker behind all this though is that they’re getting paid for it. Thanks to display ads on the site and premium subscribers, the four gamers living in the house are probably sitting pretty with cash. It’s just a shame they never get out of the house to spend it (they haven’t had a day off in 500 days), although a bunch of rich followers have sent gifts to their address, including one guy who sent them $2,100 worth of Domino’s pizza.

I suppose it’s not bad work if you want to play video games for 8 hours a day, every day of your life.


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