This Guy’s Camouflage Disguise For Getting Away From The Cops Is Absolute Gold



I hope that I’m never in a situation where I have to run away from the cops or gangsters – or anyone for that matter really – but it’s good to know that there is a way out of that situation if you’re not Speedy Gonzales, brought to you by the guy in this video.

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I got absolutely no idea who he is or what his deal is, but his way of hiding from people who are chasing him is absolutely ingenious. Don’t wanna spoil it, but check out the video – he pretty much disappears in the blink of an eye:

Spectacular. Obviously there’s a major problem in that it’s unlikely that you’re going to be carrying around a slinky just in case you happen to end up getting chased by someone and needing to hide, but it’s good to know how effective a disguise it can be. It’s also probably only going to work in a factory setting, but I think we can overlook that one minor detail on account of how good it actually looks when it works. A+.

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