This Guy Has Created A Working Six Foot Fidget Spinner Costume

Fidget Spinner Costume

Too far.

Love them or loathe them, there’s no denying that fidget spinners have made a big impact on popular culture over the last couple of months. I’m hoping that we’ve reached peak fidget spinner in this post though.

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Thinking about what costume to wear for the recent Sacramento Comic Book Convention, Rob Cockerham decided he would create a six foot working fidget spinner costume. Pretty on point right? Here’s what he had to say about it all:

Downtown was crowded with people, and comic book nerds were packed everywhere, lining up to get into the Con. I turned the corner into full view and was greeted with open iphones, gaping mouths and spontaneous applause! It was awesome! The gigantic fidget spinner was an absolute hit that the crowds loved!


I love being stopped for photos, and with the fidget spinner costume I had a special trick: Invariably the photographer would click through and snap a picture, thank me and then slowly realize the whole truth.

“Does it…. spin?”

I would slowly nod. “Yes. It does!” Then I’d back up and give it a big whirl and they would shriek or just shake their heads in amazement. It was incredible!

Creepy laugh at the end there right? Weirdo.

Yeah I mean, I suppose it’s kind of cool. Not really sure who the bigger nerd is here though – all the news at the comic book convention or this Rob Cockerham guy for spending loads of time making a costume that he knew that all the nerds would love? I think I know who comes out on top here.

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