This Guy Using Alexa To Ruthlessly Troll His Sleeping Sister Is Absolutely Sick (VIDEO)

Sleeping Sister

Alexa is something that is now part of our lives for better or for worse, but considering the unlimited possibilities for trolling that exist because of it (her?) I’m surprised that we’re not seeing more videos like the one we’ve got here in this article.

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Don’t really know much about it other than what’s said in the tweet, but it seems like this guy’s sister got Alexa for Christmas – sick present – and now he’s doing his best to annoy the shit out of her by using it whenever he can to do stuff she doesn’t want it to do. And he’s completely and utterly succeeding judging by the video below:

Absolutely savage. I don’t have Alexa or know how it works but you would have thought you would be able to program it to only respond to your vocal tones, but I guess this girl hasn’t managed to get around to doing that yet. Or her shithouse brother has just reprogrammed it somehow so it only respond to his voice. She will have definitely learned her lesson after that prank though hey?

Great japes anyhow – hope to see more of this kind of stuff in the future. For more Alexa, check out what it would be like if Alexa tried to kill you. Terrifying.


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