Guy Tweets KFC Every Day For A Year Until They Bring Back His Favourite Menu Item

KFC Hot Devil Drumlets


It completely sucks when one of your favourite restaurants decides to discontinue your favourite menu choice, but the story below gives you hope that you might actually be able to do something about it when that happens.

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A guy called Farhan from Singapore was particularly upset that KFC had decided to discontinue the Hot Devil Drumlets and so decided to take literally every opportunity he could to let them know about his dissatisfaction. This meant tweeting them pretty much every day as you can see below:

Normally I wouldn’t expect that to work even slightly, but someone at KFC must have been paying attention to Farhan’s heartache because they actually reinstated the item on the menu and then contacted him directly so he could be the first person in the country to sample the return of the drumlets:

Man tweets at KFC for a year until they bring back his favourite Man tweets at KFC for a year until they bring back his favourite

Wow. Now that really is some great customer service there. Hope they were everything that Farhan was looking for from them, although it’s not really clear if they’re coming back to the menu permanently or just for a limited amount of time. Let’s hope it’s the latter for Farhan’s sake.

Now all we really need is for these Hot Devil Drumlets to be available over here in the UK. Anyone want to volunteer to tweet KFC every day for a year until they are? Guaranteed results you know.

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