This Guy Transformed His Two-Inch Micropenis Using Testosterone

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Don’t try this at home.

Pretty much every guy out there dreams about making his penis bigger, but for most people by the time you’re about 21 you realise it’s probably never going to happen and you might as well just make do with what you’ve got.

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One man seems to have found the solution though, but as with most stories like this, there is a catch. The guy managed to double the length of his penis by injecting testosterone into this body – but it turns out that his body didn’t produce enough testosterone and he was only in possession of a two-inch penis to begin with. So I doubt many people reading this are going to be too enamoured with the chance of extending their penis length to four inches as they’re probably already in possession of a similar member.

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In case you’re still interested though, here are the details. The unnamed guy was from Karachi, Pakistan and presented himself to the Aga Khan University there, complaining that he couldn’t grow pubic or armpit hair. The university determined that he suffered from hypogonadism which meant that his body could not produce enough testosterone.

He was placed on a nine month course of injections. After these, they found that his penis had grown from 1.9 inches long to 3.6, his abnormally small testicles had enlarged and he was able to see the beginnings of both pubic and armpit hair. Whether or not this would have the desired effect on anyone with a regular level of testosterone in their body is unknown, but it’s probably not worth trying unless you want to also turn into a gym rat and start fighting everyone you see after a few beers on a Friday night. Just saying.

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