Video Of Guy Staring At Random People Is Hilariously Awkward


Staring can be pretty confrontational and weird at the best of times, but this guy is better than the best of times and lays the staring world to waste.


Okay, so when someone’s staring at you it can be a few things: confrontational, weird, funny and it can also cause your dick to feel hot to trot (especially if a fit bird is staring at you). When someone with a bonk-eye stares at you it’s pretty much full-time weird because you dunno if they’re staring at you, or if they’re eyeing up something/somebody else so I’d advise that if you’re the victim of a bonk-eye stare just leave it the fvck alone because those things can be dangerous and can quickly descend into chaos.

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So, yeah, being the victim of a staring attack isn’t that much fun because, as I mentioned earlier, staring can be confrontational – it’s as if someone’s invading your personal space, y’know? Like as if someone’s peeling back your foreskin with a rake and ramming leeches into your ears, prising out your soul and killing everything you stand for. I mean, even when a fit girl is getting her chirpsing on and is giving you a stare that screams HURRYUPANDGIVEMEYOURCOCK it can be a bit shaky because you don’t really expect to see her eyeballing you and when you casually look around to see what the fvck is up she’s just sat there pouring her oestrogen into your testosterone and your life slides into slo-mo for a few seconds so you can work out whether the fvck you changed your boxers that morning or not.

But this guy has got his staring technique perfected to a tee. He walks around his uni campus, preying on unsuspecting fools and lays out his acute, tekkerz stare in such a way that not many people would know how to handle it. It’s awkward, it’s funny and more than anything it’s fvcking weird. Check out the babe at 1:13, it’s no surprise he’s giving her a stare. Anyone would. Check it:

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