A Guy Spent 43 Years In A Wheelchair For The Dumbest Reason Ever


Way to screw up.

Even though it’s a tricky profession and hard to diagnose every condition accurately, you still assume when you go and see a doctor, that they’re probably going to be able to tell what’s up with you and sort it out. And you certainly don’t expect them to make a mistake that leaves you confined to a wheelchair for 43 years.

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That’s unfortunately the sad story of 61-year-old Rufino Borrego from Lisbon though, who was diagnosed with incurable muscular dystrophy back when he was 13. However, it turns out that this wasn’t what was actually affecting him and he was instead suffering from myasthenia, which is a different disease that affects the muscles.

A neurologist re-diagnosed Borrego with myasthenia in 2010, and as it’s easily treatable with asthma medication, he was able to relearn to walk fairly quickly, walking to his local cafe for the first time recently. The owner said he thought that it was a miracle, and in fairness even though it’s medically explainable, it’s still kind of miraculous that someone who thought they would never walk again is now able to.


Despite the misdiagnosis, Borrego remains positive and doesn’t have any beef with the hospital for effectively taking away 43 years of his life. He recognises that myasthenia was barely heard of in the 1960s and it’s a mistake that anyone could have made at that point. Now he just wants to get on with his life and make the most of it after being confined to a wheelchair for most of his. Fair play.

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