This Guy Showed Up To A Karaoke Bar To Sing ‘Tequila’


My favourite part is when he says ‘Tequila’.

Choosing a song for karaoke is one of the hardest things out there because it’s gotta be something that the crowd knows, you’ve probably gotta know all the words and know the song pretty well and crucially you’ve probably gotta be able to sing it pretty well too.

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However, one tactic that I’ve never even considered was to pick a song that literally only had about three words and just stand there looking awkward and pensive until it’s time to deliver one of the said words and then put my absolute all into it. That’s what the guy in the video below decided to do though and to say he nailed it would be an understatement:

OK so I mean that clearly wasn’t real but it couldn’t have been executed more to perfection to get the lolz could it? From the look of the guy, the joint being completely empty and the people that are there slowly leaving during the performance to the lights going off at the end, it really is one of the funniest internet videos I’ve seen in recent memory. Hats off to whoever made it.

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