This Guy Robbed A Bank And Then Used An Uber To Get Away And The Money To Pay His Bar Tab

Luis Mallett

Crushing life.

The guy you see above you might be one of the most innovative thinkers of our generation.

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Unable to pay a bar tab, 29 year old Luis Mallett of Weymouth, Massachusetts, decided to rob a bank. He approached the teller at the Santander Bank on Pleasant Street, passing her a note saying he had a bomb and needed some money.

After receiving the cash, Mallett then headed out into the neighbourhood and approached a random guy and used that bullshit ‘oh my sister’s in trouble but my phone’s out of battery, can you get me an Uber?’ line on him and it actually worked. I suppose the guy might have been a little intimidated by Mallett too, but who knows?

Once in the Uber though, Mallett headed straight to the Ninety-Nine Restaurant, where he paid off his tab and even managed to leave the waitress a sizeable tip. What a charmer.

Ninety Nine Restaurant

Unfortunately for Mallett though, the cops were hot on his tail. They had used a K9 unit to track down the guy who had ordered him the Uber and were able to track Mallett’s location via the app, and they showed up to the Ninety-Nine Restaurant and arrested him. Busted.

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Mallett was charged with unarmed robbery and false report of an explosive device. There were a bunch of warrants out for his arrest for offences like larceny and receiving stolen property so it was a big win for the Weymouth police department that day.

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