Watch This Guy Trying To Rob A Petrol Station Get Absolutely Battered By Employees And Customers

Guy Robbing Petrol Station

This resembles an old school WWE hardcore match.

Whenever I think of a petrol station getting robbed, I think of a fairly bleak scenario where one desperate jittery guy comes in in the middle of the night and holds up the other meek and pimply looking guy behind the counter.

It doesn’t look anything like the video below, which more resembles an old school WWE hardcore rules match with constant interference. In short, it’s fucking awesome.

It basically begins with one guy trying to rob the store, then another guy with a mop who is trying to protect the store gets involved, then more and more people and more and more weapons get involved until the original robber is well and truly battered.

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See, I told you it was awesome right? Apparently it went down in Ohio, so if you’re evert tempted to rob a petrol station then maybe try and avoid that state.

If you want to see what a real old school WWE hardcore match looked like, check out these pictures from the classic Hell In A Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind back in 1998.


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