This Guy Rented, Sold And Stole The Same Car All In The Same Night

The perfect crime (almost).

A young businessman in Delhi suffering losses in his business pulled off one of the sneakiest crimes ever in an attempt to recover his money.

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Mintoo Kumar, 28, first rented a car, then sold it on an e-commerce site posing as the car owner, and then STOLE it the same night from its new owner.

Upon checking the car’s record, police were baffled because the details given by the owner belonged to a different Mahindra XUV car of the same colour belonging to a Delhi resident.

A police officer said:

The owner was not lying. He had bought the car through the site.It was stolen the same night. Initially we thought he was sold a stolen vehicle but later we suspected the seller may have stolen the same car from the new owner. We registered a case and began probe.

Police then received a tip-off that Mintoo was in Dwarka and about to sell the vehicle AGAIN (presumably to pull the same scam), and he was arrested.

Mintoo admitted to police he had stolen the car around 7 hours after selling it, and was desperate for money after his spa business ran into losses.

He took a car on rent two months ago. To put his plan into action, he started a search for a similar Mahindra XUV car. Once he found a car of the same colour, he noted the details and then prepared a forged RC of the rented car. Unknown to the original owner, he sold the car. Later that night, he used the duplicate key to steal it.


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Ocean’s 11, eat your heart out. Mintoo pulled off the (almost) perfect crime. Rent a car, sell it, steal it back and repeat x infinite. Obviously there’s the small matter of not getting yourself arrested in the process but other than that, it worked a charm. Even the police sound impressed with the sheer balls it took to even attempt. Keep doing your thing Mintoo (just kidding, don’t).

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