Watch This Guy Remove A Snake From A Public Train Whilst Security Watches On

Snake Train

Too many motherfuckin’ snakes on this motherfuckin’ train.

Normally when you’re travelling on public transport – at least in this country – you expect everything to be A-OK and the biggest trouble you’re going to face is probably some kind of slight delay.

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Unfortunately this isn’t true of everywhere in the world and over wherever this video is taken – sorry no information and don’t wanna get called racist – the dangers of the daily commute are accentuated by the fact that you might have to deal with a motherfucking snake crawling around the roof of your train carriage. Security were predictably useless so it fell to one brave commuter to take on the snake.

Watch and learn:

Yeah, I’m not sure that he needed to slam the snake so hard on the floor like that – was it even a dangerous one or a threat to anyone or just slithering around minding its own business? – but you can’t deny that it’s a completely badass move from this guy to bring the snake under control. Bet he got laid so hard before he even sat down at his desk for work that day.

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