Did This Guy Really Just Commit Suicide On A Woman’s Music Video Set?


It certainly looks that way.

A YouTube clip which features Malaysian supergroup Red People has been making waves online as it appears to show a man falling to his death in the background.

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Singer Joyce Chu can be seen happily singing along to their track when all of a sudden a man falls from the building to the left of the screen.

Shocked viewers questioned whether the man fell or jumped as an act of suicide. Some people are speculating whether the band did this on purpose to get more views on their video. If this is the case (which I very much doubt) it certainly worked, as the video has already drawn in more than 22 million viewers online.

I’ve decided to just include the shortened clip, which shows a man falling from the building at about 4 seconds into the footage:

Yeah, there’s pretty much no denying that there is a guy falling from the building. Question is, is he OK? Did he jump? Or was it an accident where he slipped? So many questions and not enough answers. This sort of reminds me of the whole urban legend surrounding the dwarf who supposedly hung himself on the set of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Remember that?

Creepy shit. Hopefully someone gets to the bottom of what was going on in that music video. On the plus side, at least the song itself wasn’t the reason for the death of this man. The same can’t be said about this sinister tune made back in the 1930s.


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