Big Girl ‘Runs’ After Some Guy Filming A Fight And Gets Knocked Over In Cruellest Video Ever

If you laugh at this, you’re a terrible person.

Not entirely sure what the backstory is here but it looks like some kid’s filming a fight between some bums, and this random lady bum who isn’t even involved in the fight takes objection to it.

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She turns hostile pretty quick and goes after him, but what happens next will either make you laugh out loud or feel terrible or both.

Watch below:

Honestly, I laughed. The way she just drops like Humpty Dumpty and is then completely immobilised and can’t figure out how to get back up is an absolute A+.

At the same time though, I do feel bad for her. That guy’s laugh was just too cruel even if this lady was being overly hostile and generally disgusting on every level imaginable. I hope she managed to get back on her feet eventually.

Still, nowhere near as bad as the Thailand fire walker who picked the absolute worst time to fall over.


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