This Guy Dealt With Getting Punched In The Head By A Girl In The Perfect Way

Fair play.

You have to respect this kid.

Chris Graham from over in Queensland, Australia says he was walking down the street one night when he came across a group of drunken girls, one of whom started chatting to him.

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Chris explains:

She was asking for six bucks [to lift up her skirt and show her vagina] and at some point telling us her life story she mentioned she was from Emerald, so I just said ‘classic Emerald’ and she went off the bat.

And by off the bat he means she started smashing his head over and over:

Says a lot about Chris that he just stood there taking her punches without even threatening to hit her back. Yeah his technique of standing there with his thumbs up probably made the situation a a lot worse for himself but the fact is he never once struck her back. That’s when you know your parents have raised a real gent.

After all, there are some guys out there who won’t hesitate for a second before smashing a girl in the face.


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