Guy Proposes To Girlfriend Over Facebook After Getting Stuck At The Airport

Airport Proposal

This is the way to do it in 2015.

Undeniably two of the worst things about Christmas are all the tacky proposals and the fact that everybody is travelling somewhere so there are loads of delays on all public transport and even when there isn’t it’s still unbelievably rammed. It sucks basically.

One guy thought to combine the two crappiest things about Christmas when he decided to propose to his girlfriend after he got stuck at the airport. And yes, to make it even better he decided to do it via Facebook. 2015 ladies and gentlemen.

In fairness to the dude, he was delayed for FIFTY hours at Chicago O’Hare which sounds like one of the worst things that could ever happen to anyone. I mean I’m not sure if you can leave the airport or what – that wouldn’t be so bad then – but if you can’t it sounds like absolute hell because what the hell could you do? You can’t get wasted for fifty hours can you, and it’s not like there’s much else to do at an airport. I would probably just start proposing to random people out of boredom.

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Wedding Ring

As it was though, Danny Roderique had it all planned out and already had the ring – he was going to propose over Christmas to his girlfriend anyway – and just couldn’t wait any longer. He had to get it out. Fortunately, as you probably saw in the picture above, she was ecstatic to be proposed to and instantly said yes. Probably wasn’t how she imagined it but hey, it might have made Danny’s stay in the airport a little less crappy.

In fairness, it still isn’t as bad as any of the worst marriage proposals of all time.


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