Guy’s Wife Doesn’t Want Any Pregnancy Pictures Taken; Hires Photographer And Does It Himself

Not sure if it’s exactly the same but hey, at least he has some sort of pictures now.

I’m not really sure what the deal is with taking picture of women while they’re pregnant – I haven’t had kids so I can’t comment – but some people like to do it –there was a great set of selfies that this woman took during her pregnancy for example – whereas others don’t at all, and I think both viewpoints are perfectly acceptable. Whatever floats your boat dude.

However, this on guy wasn’t happy that his wife didn’t want to take any pictures of her pregnancy, so instead of forcing her to or taking pictures when she wasn’t looking he decided to do the next best thing: hire a photographer and take his own pregnancy pictures with him as the star. Fortunately, he had a massive belly so they’re pretty realistic, although I’m not sure they would fool anyone because Arnold Shwarzenegger’s Junior isn’t actually possible in real life.

Still at least he kinda has a set. Why he would want a set like this is anyone’s guess though.

Guy's Maternity Pictures 1

Guy's Maternity Pictures 9

Guy's Maternity Pictures 8

Guy's Maternity Pictures 7

Guy's Maternity Pictures 6

Guy's Maternity Pictures 5

Guy's Maternity Pictures 4

Guy's Maternity Pictures 3

Guy's Maternity Pictures 2


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