The Guy With The Massive Neck Has Been Arrested Again And The Internet Is Roasting Him Again

Neck Guy

He was out for one week.

Everyone was absolutely loving this guy last week when he got arrested because of his absolutely gigantic neck and it turns out that he’s the gift that keeps on giving because he’s only gone and got arrested again and provided us with another mugshot for our viewing pleasure. And of course, the internet has acted accordingly.

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Charles Dion McDowell was I guess released on bail after he gained internet notoriety last week for his huge neck, but it seems like all the cops out there were out looking for him on all of his outstanding warrants because of his newfound notoriety. As such, he was picked up in Lee County, Florida on charges on possession of marijuana, reckless driving, driving with license revoked and improper lane usage. He didn’t come quietly either, so added allegedly trying to elude law enforcement to that rap sheet as well.

Most importantly though, we all got this beautiful new mugshot as well:

Still got that neck hey Charlie? He was released on $5400 bail so hopefully, he’ll be turning up with another mugshot in a couple of weeks again too.

In the meantime, check out some of the best memes that the internet has to offer this time:

Can’t wait for this to be a weekly thing for the foreseeable future. Wonder what Neck Guy is going to be seen wearing next?

For the original Neck Guy memes, click right here. They just get better and better.


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