A Guy Live Tweeted His Stepson’s Attempts To Smuggle A Girl Out Of The House

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We’ve all been there: when you’ve brought a girl or guy back for a night of wild passion (or more likely fairly mediocre disappointing sex) and then are just completely desperate to get them out of the house without anyone finding out about it. It can happen at any point in your life – with parents or housemates – and it’s one of the most difficult problems you can ever face.

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Rarely is it pulled off just as well as you think it is and this is more than proven in the series of tweets below that come courtesy of Twitter user DropsNoPanties, who decided to share the story of his stepson, who had just brought a girl home and saw no real way how he could smuggle her out of the house without his knowledge. This is what happened:

I mean that’s a pretty disappointing ending but damn if I wasn’t tense when I was reading it, knowing that I had been in the exact same situation as the kid many times in my life. I’m not really sure if he did get away with it though because clearly the dude knows about it was he was tweeting about it and could just dob him in at any time, but I guess at least respect for getting rid of the evidence in front of his mother.

Love the way he just rocked into town and stole the shoes too – you gotta be confident in these situations or you’re never getting anywhere. Trust.



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