Guy Gets Into Argument With Girlfriend’s Brother, Gets Knocked The F Out


Not to stereotype or anything but as soon as these two opened their mouths I knew this was exact type of white trash community where this kind of thing would go down. But then I guess you could already tell that from the featured image of a shirtless dude staring down a guy in camouflage shorts.

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Here’s how it went down:

A real lesson in swallowing your pride and just walking away, IMO. I don’t know what the boyfriend did to that guy’s sister but as soon as the brother called him a pussy and walked away that should have been the end of it. Instead he shouted something about not being scared of anything and got knocked the fuck out. But then you always run the risk of acting like a tough guy who can’t back it up when there’s cameras rolling.

To watch an awesome video of another girl’s boyfriend knock out her step-dad after he sees him slap her, click HERE.


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