Viral Video Of Guy Jumping Into Puddle

Puddle Jump Guy

When you jump into a puddle what do you expect to happen? I bet it’s not what happened to this dude…

Puddle Jump Guy

When you’re walking down the street and you come across a big puddle you tend to avoid jumping in it, unless you’re a 3 year old kid (or a dog) and then the only one thing you can possible do is jump in it and splash the water everywhere. Puddles were fun when you were a wee nipper (or a dog) but these days they’re just a nuisance. It’s like when you’re having one of those really bad days when everything just keeps going wrong for you. You sleep through your alarm and wake up late, you’ve run out of milk so have to have a gross black tea and dry cornflakes for breakfast, your trousers are still wet from the wash you put on last night so you have to wear damp slacks to work, you put in the wrong pin number 3 times at the cash machine because your brain isn’t working so your card gets blocked, you get on the bus to go to work and realise you didn’t turn the wall plug on which your phone charger was connected to last night so you’re running on 3% battery for the 45 minutes journey to work, then, THEN, you get off the bus and some massive prick in a Range Rover drives right through the puddle on the side of the road and completely drenches you in stinking pissy rainwater. Nice one.

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Well the guy in this video also hate puddles, but he has a very valid reason. This guy will never look at a puddle in the same way again. This guy will break out in a cold sweat and feel his buttocks clench to an uncomfortable amount whenever he passes a puddle. The guy in this video decided it would be a great idea to jump in a puddle in front of his mates, but it turns out that the puddle isn’t just any old puddle, this is more of a 6ft man hole kinda puddle. You know, one of those ones. The only thing that bothers me is why are this dude’s friends filming him? It makes no sense. Why would you film your buddy jumping into a puddle if you didn’t already know it was going to have a hilarious outcome. Either way, it’s totally jokes. Check it:

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