This Guy Is Desperate To Bathe In Prime Energy Drink Then Urinate All Over Himself



PRIME energy drink is literally everywhere now and although we don’t hear quite as much about it now as when it first landed in this country, that’s more because it’s become part of the furniture rather than the hype dying down.

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However, despite the fanfare that originally greeted the drink’s arrival, I didn’t think I would be writing about someone that has the urge to down bottles of the stuff and then pxss all over himself afterwards, but that is what I’m doing today. Manchester native John Junior has dealt with intrusive thoughts and wetting himself all his life whilst also recently being diagnosed with OCD and is now desperate to tell his story to help other people who may be suffering from the stigma.

Here’s what he had to say about it all:

I have had intrusive thoughts recently about bathing in Prime energy drinks and I think this is because I see it every day on TikTok. 

It would cost a fortune if I did that, so I’m trying to keep these thoughts at bay.

I get intrusive thoughts that are very unwanted and debilitating at times.

I must do something or else something bad will happen to me or to someone else.

For example, I would think to myself that if I don’t eat a sandwich a certain way or eat crisps with a spoon, I will die.

If I don’t use a pair of kitchen tongs to eat, then something bad will happen – it’s ruined my life.

When I got older and I’d go on nights on, I would wee myself without warning and I’d have to make an excuse to go home.

I’d also wee the bed when sleeping next to someone and it was so embarrassing trying to cover it up with a towel, especially as they knew what I had done.

At school, people used to ask what the smell was and say I had wee’d my pants again, which was so humiliating.

Sometimes, I wouldn’t go to the bathroom and get changed, as I’d feel too embarrassed to ask, so I’d sit through the whole lesson in my own wee.

I was so depressed and struggling with a range of mental health issues.

I was very ashamed, embarrassed, and felt dirty at the fact that I wee my pants and the bed being an adult.

It is something I have had to deal with for over 20 years.

I suffered so much trauma in high school… everything the bullies did to me was torture and it felt like I couldn’t speak about it, so I just put up with it.

In March 2023, John sought out medical advice after growing tired of his condition, where he was diagnosed with an overactive bladder.

I never spoke about my intrusive thoughts, the OCD, or wetting the bed with anyone so deeply and openly as I do with my girlfriend Elle.

She gives me the confidence to open up and is there to support me.

It takes years to form that sort of trust, but with her, we just knew it was different from the start.

I can’t explain what it is, but she just has something that makes me feel able to defeat my intrusive thoughts.

It sounds crazy, but because I trust her, it’s like the intrusive thoughts can’t harm me.

I’ve gone back to the gym and I’m trying out cold water therapy to help reset my nervous system.

I still get a lot of anxiety, both mentally and physically, about wetting myself, but I have plans in place to reassure myself.

It’s so important to share my story, because other people will be living with OCD, intrusive thoughts and bed-wetting, but will be too scared to speak up.

They will be scared of feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or looking weak and silly.

The thing is, we’re only human and we all have things going on.

If you don’t speak up about how you’re feeling, then you won’t get the help you need and that can cause so many issues.

You are suffocating yourself and this has a huge impact on your mental health.

I hope to raise awareness for people to have an understanding of mental health issues and help people feel less alone.

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Well that isn’t really so much about his strange desire to bathe himself in Prime is it? More his whole life story which is a shame because the Prime stuff was what I really wanted to hear about.

I suppose it’s cool that he’s dealing with his issues and hitting the gym or whatever (maybe he’s an Andrew Tate fan?) and wants to talk about his experiences to help others though. Only problem is that he does sound like a bit of a weirdo, but I suppose everyone wetting themselves all the time probably feels like that so he is doing others a massive favour by coming out and talking about all this. Fair play to him.

Maybe stop scrolling through TikTok and then his debaucherous Prime urges might be tempered though? Just an idea.

For more of the same, check out this gelateria that started turning Prime Energy Drink into ice cream. Great idea.



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