Guy Gets Caught Live On Sky Sports Giving His Buddy Cocaine

Caught Doing Coke


There’s probably nothing worse than being caught live on television doing something that you definitely shouldn’t be doing because the repercussions are almost certainly going to spiral way out of control.

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I don’t know what the consequences have been for the guys in this video but they can’t be too good as they’ve literally been filmed doing cocaine live on Sky Sports. I’m not sure what event they were attending, but you can clearly see in the video below that the one dude sticks his hand in his pocket and then shoves his finger into his buddy’s mouth to lick whatever he’s put on it off.

Although there’s no real way to confirm it, I’m fairly certain that’s going to be blow or MDMA or something as why else would you lick your mate’s grotty finger? The look on his face after he’s got it in his mouth also seems to suggest that it’s some of the good stuff too:

Yeah, that’s definitely something he shouldn’t be doing isn’t it? Just look at the look he gives is mate after he’s done it – man is definitely buzzing right there eh?

Hope it was worth it because now this has gone viral all their family, friends and colleagues know that they’re certified wreckheads and they might even lose their jobs or something because of it. Either way, it’s gonna be embarrassing knowing that pretty much the whole world has seen you doing that. So it goes.

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