Stoner Proves His Love To Girlfriend By Making Her A Heart Shaped Joint

Heart Shaped Joint

True love.

If you and your girlfriend regularly blaze together, then I apologise – there’s absolutely no way that you can get her a present as good as what this guy got his girlfriend.

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The man is only known as reddit user Gr33n Pete and he decided to roll up a super impressive heart and arrow joint full of weed for his girlfriend. What a lucky woman.

The present gets even better though. I know you’re thinking, “how can this be better?” Well, it’s pretty obvious: the joint will only smoke properly if two people are toking on it at the same time due to its weird airflow. One mouth piece is at the bottom of the heart and the other one at the end to the airway, so the girl can probably sit on the guy’s lap while smoking it:

Heart Shaped Joint 2

Heart Shaped Joint 1

Romantic, although it might get super annoying smoking at the same time after a while. You’re also going to get super baked off a joint like that, but I suppose that’s kind of the point.

Oh and of course a girl could roll up a joint like this and give it to a guy too. It works both ways.

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