Guy Films An Interview With His Older Self At Age 18; Returns 38 Years Later To Answer The Questions

Interview With Younger Self

This is all kinds of bizarre, especially when the guy filmed the original interview back in 1977.

When you watch this, there’s going to be absolutely no denying that Stoney Emshwiller is a very weird man. Either that or a complete and utter visionary.

You see, back in 1977 he had the idea – probably from watching too many episodes of The Twilight Zone – to interview his future self. In order to achieve this, Stoney filmed himself asking his future self a whole bunch of questions and then filmed a whole bunch of different reactions to answers to these questions.

This meant that in the future when he was ready to face the interview he would be absolutely 100% ready to cut it so that it ran flawlessly. And to be fair to the guy, it pretty much runs like that in the clip from the project below, and is equal parts hilarious, touching and insightful. Check it out:

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Inevitably, this is a teaser for a Kickstarter project, but the goal has already been fulfilled so you don’t need to worry about donating any money towards it. I’m just impressed that Stoney had this idea back in 1977 – I mean who the hell else was thinking about something like that back then? – and then actually went through with it almost 40 years later.

That’s real commitment to the project right there, and it looks like when the full interview gets released it will actually be really entertaining. I’m not sure why he needed $10,000 to finish it off but hey, I suppose he deserves a bit of a payday for essentially putting 40 years of his life into something.

If only Danny Dyer had done something similar huh – instead you’ll just have to make do with our interview with him from a couple of years ago.


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