Guy Pisses Off Neighbours By Donutting His ATV In The Street; Gets Huge Dose Of Instant Karma

ATV Quad Bike Instant Karma

That’s gonna leave a mark.

There aren’t many things that are more annoying than when your neighbour gets a brand new Yamaha ATV quad bike and insists on doing donuts in the street on it. Not only does it leave a massive mess of skid marks all over the street, but it also makes a hell of a lot of noise too. It basically just pisses everyone off.

That’s why this video is so satisfying as this prick is doing exactly that but gets a huge dose of instant karma when he loses control of the vehicle and gets absolutely totalled. I would feel bad about how painful it looks but really when you’re being such a prick you kind of deserve it.

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Ouch. Ain’t no way he’s getting up any time soon from that one.

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