This Guy Documented His Farts At Work Every Day For Six Months

Paul Flart

Ask yourself what you have achieved in the past six months.

When I think about what I’ve accomplished in the last six months there isn’t really anything that sizeable – I went on holiday a couple of times, got laid a couple of times, whatever – but when someone presents a body of work like this guy’s then it really puts how pathetic your life is into perspective.

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His name is Paul Flart and for the past six months he’s been curating an Instagram account which is solely videos of him farting at his job, which appears to be a security guard somewhere. I’m guessing he got the name Paul Flart from the ‘classic’ movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Anyway, you can check out his personal Instagram over here or watch a supercut of every single one of the videos featured on there below, courtesy of our friends over at LadBible:

Enjoy that? I know I did although it does put into perspective just how little I have achieved in my life recently. I don’t think Paul has any intentions of stopping any time soon either so you might as well follow his account for that daily dose of farty goodness.

Or just wait another six months – year until another supercut comes out that will almost certainly be better than this one. Paul Flart really is the hero that we need right now.

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