Guy Discovers 25 Year Out Of Date Tin Of Spiderman Pasta And Shares The Contents

A real treat.

We’re all looking through our cupboards during lockdown and finding food that we don’t even remember buying, but I doubt any of us have come across a find as revolting as a guy named Dinosaur Dracula who managed to dig up a 25 year old tin of Spiderman pasta.

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Not wanting to ruin the opportunity he found himself in here, Dinosaur Dracula obviously took to Twitter to share pictures of what he found inside the tin. Be warned – this isn’t pretty:

Jesus. I don’t know what I was expecting – probably some green slimy muck or something to be honest – but I was never expecting it to be a fully hardened dirt looking entity. Can’t believe that it was even pasta to begin with to be honest, but I suppose that’s what happens when you leave something like that in a vacuum for 25 years. I’m guessing it probably had some kinda sauce on it too which probably helped dry it out and make it end up like that.

Rank. I’m trusting that he didn’t try to eat it as well because that’s probably the last thing that the hospital system wherever he is based needs right now.

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