Guy Attempts To Surprise His Girlfriend In The Shower; Gets Way More Than He Bargained For

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This is enough to put you off shower sex for the rest of your life.

Shower sex is one of those enigmas – it looked great in The Speicalist when Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone were going at it, but in real life it’s just not really that easy to get it going on – you know what I mean? – which is a real shame because it could be totally awesome if it worked out properly.

However, as many of us might have our own stories as to why shower sex hasn’t worked out for us for whatever reason, they will never, ever compare to the horror that befell this one guy recently. As is the case with most embarrassing and horrific situations that people find themselves these in days, he obviously took to Reddit to share it with the world – he might have been better sending it in to Sick Chirpse Confessions though to be honest:

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Shower Sex

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Throwaway for obvious reasons. This happened yesterday morning.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few months and we’re both 17. Her mom likes me so she does not mind when I sleep over at their house. My girlfriend lives with her mom and her mom’s parents. Her mom is pretty young (<40) and her grandma is only 59, so everybody in the house is relatively young. I’m legally blind and my glasses are really strong.

My girlfriend, her mom, and her grandma all sound relatively the same. They’re all brunettes and pretty short. Very early in the morning, I woke up briefly to see my girlfriend going to the bathroom. I sleep on the outside, so anytime she leaves the bed I wake up. Apparently I fell back asleep very quickly and did not remember her climbing into bed. So, when I woke up again a short time later, I heard singing from the shower, and I thought I would hop in. I went into the bathroom, took my glasses off, and said “surprise!” and then entered the shower.

There was silence, and I can’t remember the exact wording, but I asked for head since I had a boner and a boner’s gotta go.

It was the grandma.

TL;DR: Did not think nearly hard enough in the morning and highly disturbed my girlfriend’s grandma, and her mom, because they all know now.

Jesus. I suppose if there’s one saving grace to this it’s that the two of them are only 17 and probably won’t be spending the rest of their lives together, so he won’t have to constantly relive the moment at awkward family gatherings for the rest of time, but that’s it really. It’s probably already ruined the possibility of shower sex for him before he’s even experienced it. Bummer, dude.


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