This Guy Is The Absolute King Of Dirt Bike Wheelies

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Unbelievable tekkers.

I would probably shit myself just riding a motorbike and the idea of popping a wheelie would send me into palpitations, so watching the guy below absolutely kill it with a variety of hair raising wheelies is pretty goddamn impressive. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this will be able to appreciate it massively too.

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I got no idea who money_ronn is, other than the fact he’s an absolute baller and can pull off about ten of the sickest wheelie variations on a busy street like it’s not even slightly a big deal. Honestly, this video is one of the most badass things I’ve ever seen:

Time To Find A New Hobby This One Getting To Easy Lol #MiamiHittaz

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Unbelievable. I just don’t get how he can do all that stuff so nonchalantly whilst travelling at extremely high speeds on a busy highway where he could literally die if he fucks up even slightly. It’s a new level of incredible. Hats off.

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