On Saturday It Was Gun Appreciation Day In America And Five People Got Shot At Gun Shows

Gun Appreciation Day

If you’re gonna create awareness over pro-gun control issues then it’s probably not a good idea for a bunch of people to get shot on the National Gun Appreciation Day. America, you slay me (shoot me).

Gun Appreciation Day

I wrote at length last week on why it was completely dumb to have something like Gun Appreciation Day in America and how it was ridiculous and inappropriate to have such an event, and that they needed to get gun control under control (see what I did there? That could like be a line on a really crappy rap album or something) over there ASAP and well, now that the event came and went it kinda looks like I was right because all it did was serve as another warning as to why allowing stupid Americans to have guns is a really bad idea. As I mentioned in the original article a bunch of rallies and gun shows and other events were being planned for last weekend and just like clockwork a bunch of people got shot at some of these gun shows. Yeha cowboy!

I don’t really know how dumb you have to be to get shot at a gun show when you’re celebrating Gun Appreciation Day and ‘trying to raise awareness of the issues associated with gun control in the United States’ but I would wager that it’s pretty damn dumb because it’s pretty much the antithesis of the whole movement. Still, I’m not complaining as it’s going to make people more aware of how dumb it is that people are allowed to even own guns over there. Yeah, it sucks people got hurt but I mean if they weren’t at the stupidass gun show in the first place then they wouldn’t have been anywhere near any of the guns anyway.

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So yeah, here’s what went down over the weekend. There were three separate incidents over the United States over the course of Gun Appreciation Day. Firstly, down in Raleigh, North Carolina (which sounds like it’s pretty much hick central) a 12 gauge shotgun – which I think is the kind of weapon Duke Nukem would be pounding out ass whoopingss with – accidentally went off when an owner was unzipping it from its case to show a police officer at a safety checkpoint that it was safe to take into the gun show. Irony, lol. 3 people were injured by this blast which seems really stupid because I know a shotgun sprays its bullets but how the hell did three people get shot by one shotgun blast going off accidentally? That’s some bad luck right there if it’s true, or more likely some idiot probably just accidentally let off three shots or whatever. However it happened it shows that people attending gun shows are idiots and a bunch of people can get injured, even when people are just inspecting a gun to see if it’s safe enough to come into the show. I MEAN HOW STUPID IS THAT SENTENCE!

Secondly, over in Indianapolis which probably isn’t as crappy as Raleigh, although I’m not 100% sure about that, some idiot was walking back to his car after attending a gun show on Gun Appreciation Day when he just thought he would reload his semi automatic pistol, right there in the parking lot. You know, just in case. Unfortunately he wasn’t so hot at reloading it and managed to shoot himself in the hand. Real smooth. Good thing nobody else was around huh? But still what a dork, you would feel so dumb shooting yourself in the hand, especially on Gun Appreciation Day. Um #Fail or something.

In Medina, Ohio – which I have never even ever heard of, so is probably the dumbest, grossest and most backward out of all of these places – the details are little bit sketchier but apparently some dude who was a vendor at one of the gun shows was handling a loaded gun where it somehow went off and he ended up getting shot. How dumb are these people seriously? If you’re working at a gun show then you think you would either a) make sure the safety was on or b) make sure that the guns weren’t loaded when you were just walking around with them or whatever. Especially on Gun Appreciation Day.

I said before that Gun Appreciation Day was really stupid and I’m sticking with that and these events have only served to reinforce my belief that most Americans are stupid/retarded and the sooner they get their guns taken off them the better. I mean, I know in Medina and Indianapolis the idiots only injured themselves but somehow three people were injured down in Raleigh and those statistics probably happen at gun shows every weekend in the United States, let alone all the street crime that goes on withall those guns that are loose out there. Let’s hope that Gun Appreciation Day soon becomes an event that nobody celebrates anywhere.

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