Ever made up an awesome song in your head while your taking a drunken piss? Now can make it a reality!

You know when your taking a piss in a urinal and you get that massive urge to create an awesome guitar track? Well now you can. This is Guitar-Pee, a fun marketing stunt pulled by Brazilian music magazine Billboard Brasil, and was launched back in May throughout various drinking establishments in São Paulo.

Here’s how it works. You go out to a swanky bar in Brazil’s most populous city, you drink a shit load of Tequila you head to the pisser, you find Guitar-Pee, you urinate on its wonderfully crafted keys; you make Led Zepplin’s next major hit.

The best part about this invention is that after you’ve slashed all over it and flushed, it generates a personal code for each individual pisser. When you wake up the next day at 2pm with nothing to do but eat paracetamol and watch Jeremy-fvcking-Kyle (imagining it was in the UK), you can enter your code onto mobile, and play back with pride your ‘MPEE3’.

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As of yet there is no female version of Guitar-Pee, which kind of sucks for all the female Sick Chirpsers (unless you own one of those creepy piss-funnel things…which you probably shouldn’t). I guess it’s a lot more effort to incorporate this awesome new technology into normal sit down toilets though, and as a result, Billboard Brasil have stuck to working in the Gents. Sorry ladies!


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