Guillermo Rigondeaux Ortiz Has The Best Dodging Skills Boxing Has Ever Seen

Guillermo Rigondeaux Ortiz

This guy could probably dodge a bullet.

I’m not a huge boxing fan but man, does this guy have some skills when it comes to getting out of the way of a punch.

His name is Guillermo Rigondeaux Ortiz and he’s Cuban boxer who’s been professional since 2009 and remains undefeated. He’s also currently the WBA, WBO and super bantamweight world champion so I can’t really understand why nobody has really heard of him, especially when he has the moves like Jagger which you can see in his highlight reel below. Seriously, his agility rivals that of Lionel Messi or someone like that as you see him dodge literally so many punches in this video.

Hopefully it won’t be long until his talent actually gets recognised and he’s a household name and one of his lines is featured in the top ten boxing quotes of all time.


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