Guido Daniele’s Incredible ‘Handimals’

Guido Daniele makes these awesome hyper-realistic paintings/sculptures of animals with human hands. They’re really mind-blowing.

I wasn’t gonna post this because I felt like I was ripping off  ‘I Fvcking Love Science’ and they already have over 3,000,000 Facebook fans, but then I changed my mind because this guy and his art is just too incredible to allow anyone to go without seeing it.

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These paintings are all the work of 62-year-old Milan-based artist Guido Daniele. He’s had a pretty successful career, creating artwork of all sizes and media, and working with many advertising agencies, but in 1990 he started painting on people’s bodies and started generating some real rep. In 2000 he began his ‘Handimals’ project and the stuff he’s throwing down is truly mind-blowing. The combination of hyper-realistic detail and ingenious positions he arranges the hands into to create impossibly accurate sculptures makes for some totally sick art.

Here are some of his best Handimal pieces:

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