Check Out These Photographs Of GTA V In Real Life

GTA V In Real Life Featured

The game looks pretty much exactly like reality.

If you live in Los Angeles and love GTA V, what do you do if you have a whole bunch of time?

The answer is probably finish GTA V, and cruise around town getting high looking for babes or people to hang out and party with, but an alternative answer is to walk around the city and take pictures of some of the famous landmarks featured in the game so that you can compare the graphic of the game with reality. Perhaps not quite as cool an option, but definitely original and I’m sure anyone who’s played the game will appreciate checking out these pictures.

Check out the pictures on the following slide show. Maybe they’ll keep you going until GTA 6 finally comes out.

Biltmore Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles

GTA V In Real Life 1

GTA V In Real Life 2

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