GTA 6 Will Be Released In 2022, Feature A Female Lead Character And Be Set In Vice City


It’s gonna be a long wait.

It’s been a good few years since we were treated to GTA V and as is the standard format with most new instalments of the franchise, we were pretty much certain that it was going to take a really long time before we saw the next edition. they’re perfectionists over at Rockstar games aren’t they?

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Anyway, even though we knew we were probably going to have to wait a few years, I’m not sure any of us were prepared just how long that might be, with the latest rumour stating that the game won’t be released until 2022 at the earliest. Knowing Rockstar though, that date ill probably be pushed back at least a couple of years whilst they tweak it to make the game absolutely perfect.

The rumour comes courtesy of the YouTube channel known as The Know, which has previously leaked Dark Souls III, so they’ve got some experience in this field which means that what they’re saying might actually be true. You can watch the video below, but they key points are that it’s out in 2022, the main character is female and it will be set in Vice City, with several missions also in South America too:

Well I mean that all does sound believable doesn’t it, but it’s not really that hard to come up with the plot of a GTA game is it so it could quite easily all be baloney as well. I suppose we might find out in four years time, in which case remember where you heard it first, right?

In any case, Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually coming out this year, so we’ll have a few years of playing that before we’re bored of it and desperate for GTA 6. At least I hope so.


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