The Amount Of Ear Wax That Comes Out Of His Dude’s Ear Is Absolutely Disgusting (NSFL)

This is gross but it must’ve felt so good.

Anytime we’re left disgusted by something we’ve seen on the Internet, it’s our duty to share it with the rest of you guys (within reason).

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Today we’ve got this stomach churning footage of a man’s ear being washed out and a monster amount of mouldy ear wax gushing out of it.

Uploader Stephen Bergs writes:

A disgusting video of my ear being flushed out with an ear syringe.



Absolutely horrifying to know that it’s possible to get that much ear wax accumulated inside your ears. Stephen looks like a young guy, decent haircut, otherwise clean human being. Are you telling me he cleans his ears and still gets that kind of wax build-up going on? Disgusting. Must’ve felt pretty damn good flushing it out though.

If you thought that was gross though, get a load of this guy’s ear infection which makes it look like he has a worm crawling out of there. Fucking hell!


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