A Grocery Store Worker Has Been Accused Of Eating $9K Worth Of Deli Meat

Deli Meat

Just a little nibble.

It goes without saying that if you work in the service industry then every now and again you’re going to help yourself to a little freebie nibble or drink, but I don’t think it’s really on to take the absolute piss like the girl in this story.

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The unnamed woman has been working at Giant Eagle in Bolivar, Ohio and has been accused of helping herself to the deli meat for years – so much so that he’s now got a $9000 bill hovering over her. Apparently she had been helping herself to three to five slices go ham a day and considering that she’s been working there for eight years, it’s really added up now. The source says that she also at salami regularly.


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After an investigation by the store, the findings were taken to the police and the woman has now been charged with felony theft and is gonna have to appear in court. Not sure how long this trial is going to take or what the sentence could be, but I suppose its safe to say that she’s lost her job at this point.

Think it’s kinda whack to be honest that the company is bringing this up and that somebody grassed on her as it’s the kinda thing you just let slide most of the time from my experience. It sounds like she probably wasn’t that popular or good at her job which is why someone dobbed her in and they’re throwing the book at her. Maybe it’ll encourage her to do something more rewarding with her life than working in a supermarket though now. Who knows?

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